Tamara Lupo Managing Director
If there's one girl who loves the color orange, it's Tamara. Although she tends to favor more the burnt orange variety. Tamara spent over a decade working on the inside of professional teams and now quarterbacks activation for all PSP clients.
Tia Norman Director, Client Development
Like a third base coach leading the charge to home, Tia is passionate about identifying creative ways to connect brands to fans. With experience in contract negotiation, event asset packaging and consumer sales, Tia is a pro in building strategic programs on behalf of PSP clients.
Hannah Munsey Senior Manager Activation and Development
Hannah creates slam dunk experiences for our clients thanks in part to her background in sports marketing and event management. She’s fast paced and detail oriented with experience in both professional and collegiate sports. Hannah makes the most detailed client events look like easy layups as part of our activation team.
Kristin Putnam Activation Manager
They say that offense wins games, and defense wins championships. Luckily for our clients, Kristin has extensive experience on all sides of the ball, including at the minor league, collegiate, and professional level of various sports. As a play caller on our activation team, Kristin will push through the 4th quarter to make sure our clients are always the ones left holding the championship trophy.
Brad True Manager, Activation & Development
A sports marketing pro with a winning combo of experience managing big-time events in professional, collegiate, and international sports, Brad brings a wealth of expertise to the activation team. Brad utilizes a unique mix of positivity and an innovative spirit to help get our clients past the goal line and we’re glad to have him in our corner.
Jason Valdez Media Channel Strategist
Jason’s a fighter – of the boxing variety! But with over a decade of experience channel planning for clients large and small, Jason is also first to fight for the most effective and efficient platform for our clients’ media buys.
Gabriel Flores Creative Director
Our resident soccer and tennis star, Gabe has spent 15+ years racking up MVP awards for his work around the country. Now, he hits game winning shots by taking his cutting-edge creative ideas into reality for PSP clients.
Ed Cantú Director of Strategic Planning
Combine Vince Lombardi with Spud Web and a touch of Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! and you’ve got Ed Cantú. As PSP’s Director of Strategic Planning he’s a highly motivated, strategic leader powered by in-depth consumer insight and an infectious, often irreverent spirit that never fails to inspire and leaves nothing on the field. Definitely a team player you want on your bench!
Mimi Boneta Art Director
Sometimes the best home run hitters on your team come from Puerto Rico… just like Mimi! With a mindset that the best work stems naturally from the brand itself and staying true to it, Mimi bats 1.000 to hit ‘em out of the park.
Cristina Romero Digital Content Manager
Cristina knows how to put the spin on a tennis ball and execute the perfect serve, which surprisingly translates well into writing nuanced copy and setting up engaging social media calendars. As our Digital Content Manager, she's a quick strategic thinker that can make all the right moves to build you a championship-worthy online presence.